Monday Wishes And Quotes|Monday Birthday Wishes

After a relaxing and enjoyed weekend. The working day has come again. Are you feeling sad to go on an Office or on your working place? So here is the assortment of Monday Wishes And Quotes which can help you to throughout stress from your body. Here are wishes which help you to fresh your mind and make your mood happy and comes smile on your face. You can use these wishes with your Friend, Family Members, and Loved one to get them attention and tell them you remember them every other Morning, starting of Weekend. Hope you all guys like these Monday Wishes.

Monday Wishes And Greetings

  • 1 ) Don’t worry about Monday morning. Focus on now. Not the alarm, the struggle to get out of bed and the mind-numbing, soul-destroying day ahead.
  • 2 ) I can see smoke on the horizon. God I hope it’s rest of Monday burning to the ground.

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  • 3 ) Going to sleep on Sunday will cause symptoms called ‘Monday’. Conversely, also note that staying awake all night on Sunday does not prevent Monday.
  • 4 ) Monday morning coffee is just as important as friday night liquor….almost.
  • 5 ) If we all band together and don’t show up for work tomorrow, we could put an end to this ‘wake up on Monday’ nonsense once and for all. Spread the word.
  • 6 ) I am convinced God only created six days and the devil added Monday.

Monday Morning Quotes And Sayings

7 ) Searching for the remote to rewind the weekend! Sunday always comes so fast & Monday is now closing in.

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8 ) Dear Radio Stations, please do not play Katy Perry’s “Friday Night” Monday morning at 8 AM during my drive to work.

  • 9 ) You may have heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There’s another day you might want to know about: Giving Tuesday. The idea is pretty straightforward. On the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, shoppers take a break from their gift-buying and donate what they can to charity.
  • 10 ) I always give 100% at work: 13% Monday, 22% Tuesday, 26% Wednesday, 35% Thursday and 4% Friday.
  • 11 ) Monday, I hate you. Tuesday, you stink too, Wednesday still pushing it, Thursday getting better, Friday…love ya! Saturday you are heaven, Sunday you’re OK

12 ) Before the first year, nobody gave it a chance. Now, 36 years later, everybody knows Monday Night Football.

13 ) Weapons loaded, body bags ready, coffee brewing, bring it on Monday, I’m ready…

14 ) Spend life with who makes you happy, not who you have to impress.’

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15 ) Dear Monday, No matter how many times you show up or what you may bring, I still can’t find it in my heart to like you.

Happy Monday Wishes/Monday Quotes 

16 ) I can always tell how good my weekend was by how many pictures I have to untag on Monday.

17 ) I need something that’s more than coffee but less than cocaine.’

18 ) Dear Monday, I want to break up. I’m seeing Tuesday and dreaming about Friday. Sincerely, it’s not me, it’s you.

19 ) Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7th of your life.

20 ) Woke up this morning feeling like it was gonna be a good day. Looked at the calendar and realized … Ah shit! It’s Monday again! So much for a good day.

21 ) I have to be alone very often. I’d be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That’s how I refuel.

22 ) If days were people, Monday would be the one person I’d punch in the face!

23 ) Finally, that rare and elusive Monday we like.

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24 ) May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short.

25 ) To me, country music’s about life. It’s about Monday through Friday. It’s the blue-collar, 40-hour week, songs about life. It used to have more of a sound, but I think the heart of that’s still the same. It’s still American music.

Good Morning Monday Wishes

26 ) Monday is like a math problem. Add the irritation, subtract the sleep, multiply the problems, divide the happiness.

  • 27 ) I hate Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and half of Friday.
  • 28 ) Three of the worst words to hear……’Tomorrow is Monday’.

29 ) Monday is like a kid having s*x for the first time…it came too soon!


30 ) It’s Sunday night, the end of the weekend. I don’t want to go to bed, cause when I wake up it will be Monday and the weekend’s over.

Good Morning  Monday Quotes

31 ) If Monday had a face, I’d punch it.

32 ) On Sunday nights, if you listen closely,,, you can hear Monday taunting you with the “Jaws” theme.

  • 33 ) Loves Sundays and being lazy…Then Monday comes and things get crazy!!!

34 ) Why is Monday so far away from Friday, but Friday is so darn close to Monday!

35 ) The toughest activity of a week starts right from Monday morning….its called “Waking Up”

Funny Monday Wishes/Funny Monday Quotes

36 ) You don’t want to have to come into work on Monday already apologizing. I try to save my apologies for what I’ve done later in the week.

  • 37 ) Monday is the evil way of saying the weekend is over.
  • 38 ) I feel that Mondays are God’s way of punishing me for something I did over the weekend!

39 ) Today is Monday, and that’s reason enough for me to hate it.

40 ) One seventh of your life is spent on Monday.

Best Morning Wishes And Quotes

41 ) I’m a very ritualistic, routine-oriented person, and I discovered over the years that I love working Monday through Friday.

  • 42 ) My general rule is that if everyone knew how to cook fresh produce from their local area, and Monday to Thursday within 20 minutes, you know, there’s millions of recipes out there to be had.
  • 43 ) Monday?! But, I wasn’t even finished with Saturday yet..

44 ) Monday is the root of all evil.

45 ) They say everyday is a gift. I wanna know where the gift receipt is so I can exchange Monday for Saturday.

It’s Monday Quotes/Monday Morning Sayings

46 ) Happiness is the secret to all beauty that is attractive without happiness.

  • 47 ) I play tennis five hours a week, from Monday to Friday, for one hour every day. I like to be fit. If I can’t exercise, I feel bad – I need to sweat and run to feel like I’m in good shape.
  • 48 ) WARNING! A virus called Monday is fast approaching. There is no cure. Just drink plenty of alcohol on Sunday night to ease the pain.

49 ) Just reminding everyone that it’s Monday, just in case any of you were feeling overly optimistic.

50 ) Just once, I would like to wake up, turn on the news, and hear… “Monday has been canceled, go back to sleep.”

Quotes About Monday/Quotes For Monday Morning

51 ) Monday’s are inevitable, but a little bit of exercise can really help lift your spirits.

52 ) On Monday mornings I am dedicated to the proposition that all men are created jerks.

53 ) Spend life with who makes you happy, not who you have to impress.

  • 54 ) To be honest, when I’m home, every day is a Friday for me. It doesn’t really matter what day it is for me. A lot of my friends actually have time off during the week, and so it doesn’t prohibit me from enjoying myself when I am home on a Monday or a Tuesday.
  • 55 ) Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.’

56 ) There’s no more difficult transition than Sunday to Monday…

57 ) Mondays, that day of the week when our brains take all day to reboot from all the weekend activities.