All the Best Wishes

Awesome All The Best Wishes 2016

Wishing someone all the best can gives them more hope in every path of their life. When someone goes for a long journey or when someone is going to take a new step of life, they need prayers and wishes. That’s what makes them much stronger and motivate them for whatever step they take in their life. If you want to give best wishes to someone than here we have compiled a list of Awesome All The Best Wishes in 2016. All of these are best ones and so far they’re latest ones that you can choose from. Whether it is a good or a bad situation, you best wishes will give them strength to be successful at any stage. Scroll down and see which one best suits for you to wish someone on their Facebook timeline, WhatsApp or simply through a text message. In fact, you can write these words on a gift that you might want to send them. Go through this whole list of unique and awesome all the best wishes. Best wishes! 🙂

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Awesome All The Best Wishes 2016

I wish you all the best-wish you all the best-wish you the best-wishing you all the best

All the Best Wishes

1: ) Dude, like, I, like totally man, hope that you have, you know, a sweet birthday.

2: ) I wish you to be the greatest of all times in your journey to success

3: ) I wish you happy days to come

4: ) Remember ones life is a journey not a destination

5: ) I wish you all the best things to occur in your life

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6: ) Happy Birthday to the most precious treasure of my life.

7: ) I wish you life that is full with joy and happiness

8: ) Hard times have gone by. Happiness is now here to stay. Wishing you all the best for your future.

9: ) I wish you to overcome every obstacle that comes your way

10: ) I wish you all the best in your life

11: ) I wish you all the greatest wishes that ever exist

12: ) To the most wonderful person in the world, on the day when he/she was truly the most wonderful.

13: ) What a wonderful day it is, since it’s your birthday

14: ) Don’t grow up, don’t wear a tie. Let’s fly away today and celebrate your Happy Birthday.

15: ) If life is a game I wish you win always.

16: ) Eat, drink and make merry. It’s your birthday.

17: ) Another year has passed. May you all your wishes and dreams come true. Have a happy birthday!

18: ) Don’t wait to be old and wise. Know everything now and stop getting older.

19: ) Congratulations! You are about to get married. Best wishes for a happy future.

20: ) Here you will find the most popular birthday wishes. Put one on the birthday card or write a nice wish. Give at your friends a memorable experience on their birthdays and put a smile on their faces with these birthday messages.

21: ) Sending you countless wishes to make your birthday memorable.

22: ) I wish you to be the best of the best

23: ) I wish you life cycle that is like a ring

24: ) Dreams makes wishes come true, so sending you lots of dreams on your birthday.

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25: ) An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A candle a day creates a large fire on your cake. Happy Birthday.

All the Best Wishes

26: ) I wish the almighty will guide you through the trouble times

27: ) Birthdays are special occasions that call for special celebrations. Let us celebrate your birthday today!

28: ) I wish you new life in dawn

29: ) Ah! That day again which marked the start of my miseries in life and made me feel alive ever since.

30: ) Let’s cherish the day when life gave me a friend.

31: ) I am not wishing you unless you want to part with a few gifts of yours?

32: ) Don’t hide on your bday. I would gladly have this birthday, open the presents, eat cake and ice cream and do all those things that come with it.

33: ) Why am I feeling happy? Oh! It’s your birthday.

34: ) Always aim for the moon, Do%20not worry if you fail You’ll land up on stars.

35: ) I would have brought the entire world for you, if I could. For now, Happy Birthday and we can talk about the gift later.

36: ) Since I am your best friend, do I get the first slice of the cake?

37: ) You get more perfect and beautiful as the years pass by. Even though it is your birthday, I feel like I am the one who got the gift. You get presents while I get your presence.

38: ) I wish you life that is accompanied by good things

39: ) I was intent on gift wrapping my love for you but a box large enough to fit it all is yet to be made. Happy birthday.

40: ) I wish you to shine like a brightest star in the middle of darkness

41: ) I wish you to be strong like a rock

42: ) I wish you strength to beat all odds

43: ) Eat, drink and make merry because it is your birthday. Happy Birthday.

44: ) Wishes are mine and luck is yours. May you always be victorious!

45: ) I wish you to attain the impossible and reach the imaginable

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